Summer 2019, Fall 2019, & Spring 2020

PHTA 1113 Intro to PT (Summer 19 – June)

  • Introduction to Physical Therapy by Michael Pagliarulo, 5th edition, published by Mosby, ISBN 978-0323328357.
  • Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy, 6th Edition + Laboratory Manual for Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy, 4th Edition by L. Lippert, ISBN-13: 978-0803658233 & ISBN 9780803658257
  • Documentation Basics for the Physical Therapist Assistant by M.L. Erickson & R. McKnight, 3rd Edition, published by Slack Incorporated, ISBN 978-1-63091-402-8.
  • Optional: Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, published by F.A. Davis, ISBN 0-8036-16604

PHTA 1292 Phys Ther Procedures I (Summer 19 – June)

  • Patient Care Skills, by M. Minor & S. Minor, 7th Edition, published by Pearson, ISBN 0-13-305587-6.
  • Physical Agents in Rehabilitation: From Research to Practice, by M. Cameron, 5th Edition, published by Elsevier, ISBN 978-0323445672.

PHTA 2388 Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Fall 19) (Plus books purchased Summer 19)

  • Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant by M. Dutton, 2nd edition, published by Jones & Bartlett Learning, ISBN 978-1284139310
  • Trail Guide to the Body 5th Edition by Andrew Biel, published by F.A. Davis, ISBN-13: 978-0982978658.

PHTA 2343 Phys Ther Procedures II (Fall 19) (Plus books already purchased Summer 19)

  • Measurement of Joint Motion: A Guide to Goniometry, by C Norkin & D White, 5th Edition, published by F.A. Davis, ISBN 978-0-8036-4566-0
  • Daniel’s & Worthingham’s Muscle Testing, by Hislop & Montgomery, 9th Edition, published by Elsevier, ISBN 978-1455-7061-50

PHTA 2442 Professionalism in Healthcare (Fall 19)

  • The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant Regulations and Responsibilities, by H. Clynch, 2nd Edition published by F.A. Davis, ISBN 978-0-8036-5816-5 (plus Intro to PT book purchased Summer 18)

PHTA 2473 Selected Topics in Phys Ther (Spring 20) (Plus books purchased Summer & Fall 19)

  • Recognizing & Reporting Red Flags for the Physical Therapist Assistant, 1st Edition, by Goodman & Marshall, published by Elsevier, ISBN #978-4557-4538-8

PHTA 2363 Kinesiology (Spring 20) (using books purchased in Summer & Fall 19)

PHTA 2414 Rehabilitation (Spring 20)

  • Physical Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment, by S. O’Sullivan, T. Schmitz, & G. Fulk, 7th Edition, published by F.A. Davis, ISBN # 978-0-8036-6162-2

PHTA 2353 Neurology (Spring 20)

  • Essentials of Neuroanatomy for Rehabilitation, by L Dvorak & P J Mansfield, published by Pearson, ISBN # 13-978-0-13-502388-4.