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Is NEO GOLD right for me?

Take some time to think about yourself as a learner. Will your characteristics help you be a good online learner right away? Will you need to spend some time preparing yourself to learn online? Will you benefit from the NEO GOLD Program? Take the Online Readiness Assessment to find out more.

Take the online readiness assessment by clicking here

NEO GOLD will help you build skills in the following areas:

  • Self-Directedness

    Students who regularly turn their assignments in on time are more likely to be successful in the class. NEO GOLD mentors will help mentees with time-management strategies and links to campus resources that will enable the students to meet class deadlines.

  • Learning Preferences

    NEO GOLD will facilitate conversations with students to help them determine how to incorporate online classes into a plan that can help them reach the goal of graduation or certification more quickly than seated classes alone.

  • Study Habits

    Students who choose to participate in the mentor program will be actively engaged in the learning process, and encouraged to establish good study habits from the beginning of the semester.

  • Technology Skills

    NEO GOLD mentors provide mentees with encouragement and support as they learn to navigate the online course structure. Mentors will provide mentees with information about tutoring resources and additional online learning resources.