Student Support Services is a federally funded program committed to meeting the needs of students who are pursuing a bachelors degree.
To qualify you must be a student at NEO desiring tutoring, career counseling, career assessment, or transfer advisement.
In addition, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First generation college student (neither parent has a four-year college degree).
  • Financially disadvantaged (Pell Grant recipient).
  • Documented disability.

Getting Started

What is required to be in the SSS Program?
To be an active participant in the program, you MUST do the following:

  1. Complete Interview and Assessment Process.
  2. Establish eligibility and academic need; set social, career and academic goals.
  3. Determine your skill level in technology.
  4. Complete academic & Learning styles inventories.
  5. Match your interest and aptitude with a career path.
  6. Complete the In-Class (On-line Assessment of Classroom Styles and Skills)
  7. Attend 2 SSS Sponsored activities.

Your Commitment!

  • Participate in tutoring sessions.
  • Keep advisement appointments.
  • Attend two cultural events each year.
  • Take one trip to a career site and/or a four-year institution.
  • Follow the success plan set up for you.