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The COVID-19 Task Force at NEO is comprised of subject-area experts from around campus. With a goal of developing processes that will ensure the continued health, safety, and success of the NEO campus community, the task force meets regularly to ensure constant communication.

Meet Our Team:

President: Dr. Kyle J. Stafford

Chair: Dr. Bethene Fahnestock, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Co-Chair: Jennifer Walker, NEO Development Foundation Executive Director

Terry DeCoster, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs

Amy Ishmael, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dustin Grover, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ruth Coyne, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Student Affairs

Steve Grimes, Director of the NEO Physical Plant

Joe Renfro, Director of Athletics

Lisa Bell, Assistant Director of Athletics

Hollie Snyder, Human Resources Coordinator

Steve Dixon, Faculty Senate President

Keeley Adams, Staff Association President

Jennifer Osburn, Campus Nurse

Kendra Cummins, Executive Assistant to the President

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