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An endowed scholarship creates a lasting legacy while benefiting students for generations. A donor can endow a scholarship at NEO for a minimum of $10,000. Once endowed, contributions can still be made to the fund, even through a will or trust. An endowment will allow the gift to be invested and income from the principal will fund the scholarship. For example, a $100,000 gift with a 4.7 percent return will provide nearly $5000 per year in scholarship funding. Criteria for scholarships are determined by the donor and/or their family.


List of Endowments at NEO A&M

  • #3 British Flyers Training Endowment
  • B.J. Tunnell Memorial Endowment
  • Buffalo Run Casino and Resort Team Member Endowment
  • Business 2000 Endowment
  • Carolyn Elmore Memorial Picher Scholarship
  • Catherine Randall Endowment
  • Charlein Fribley Endowment
  • Charles Banks Wilson Endowment
  • Charles H. and JoAnn Angle Scholarship
  • E. J. Grieshaber Endowment
  • Ed Woodington Memorial Endowment
  • Henry F. Beechhold Endowment
  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows Nursing Endowment
  • Ivan Crossland Sr. Endowment
  • Jake Whitecrow Memorial Endowment
  • Jean Ann Blue in memory of Benjamin Quapaw Endowment
  • Jerry Evans Miami Concrete Endowment
  • JoAn Taylor Memorial Scholarship
  • Kent and Kaylene Thomas Education Endowment
  • Kreeger Family Endowment
  • Lance Porterfield Memorial Endowment
  • LeRoy and Pearl Dukes Endowment
  • Marcus Allen Bunce Nursing Scholarship
  • Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma Student Leadership Fund
  • Mason McWatters Memorial Scholarship
  • McFerron Family Nursing Endowment
  • Michael J. Youngwirth Leadership Endowment
  • NEO Equine Endowment
  • NEO Foundation 10-2020 Endowment
  • Nick Calcagno Memorial Endowment
  • Oklahoma 8-Man football Coaches Association Endowment
  • Palmer Nursing Endowment
  • Robert S. Gee Memorial Endowment
  • Roger Fent Memorial Ag Scholarship
  • Samuel H. Wells, Jr. Soccer Scholarship
  • Sam Wynn Memorial Construction Endowment
  • Sandy Sherard Memorial Endowment
  • Tim and Dan Drury Memorial Endowment
  • Treva McColey Endowment
  • Virgil and Marge Jurgensmeyer Agriculture Business Scholarship
  • Walton Foundation Business Endowment
  • William J. Alley Math Day Endowment
  • Willie and Jane Osborn Leadership Endowment