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The purpose of NEO Women & Friends is to encourage and empower students to succeed, both in college and the workplace. To that end we raise funds each year for student scholarships, the minor personal and medical needs of students living far from home, and the supply and operation of Peggy’s Closet – NEO’s professional clothes closet for students who need business attire in order to be successful in interviews or the first few weeks of employment after graduation. NEO Women & Friends also works in the local community by participating in Miami’s Adopt-A- Street program, and with the My Life Program of Miami Public Schools.

While helping students, the members of NEO Women & Friends also work to support and encourage one another as we grow both professionally and personally. To that end our meetings are both purposeful and fun, and a great opportunity to make new friends while making a difference for NEO. We invite you to attend one of our meetings and learn how, by working together, we can make a difference in the lives of NEO’s students. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the Blue & Gold Lounge of the Student Union.

Membership in NEO Women & Friends is open to all current and former members of NEO’s faculty and staff, and the spouses of current and former employees. If you wish to join, a Blue Membership is $5 and a Gold Membership is $15. Gold members receive a t-shirt with NEO Women’s logo, to wear at special events.