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  • Apply for Scholarships

    NEO offers more than 100 scholarships to help students pay for college! In addition to federal student aid and Native-American benefits, you may be eligible for the following types of scholarships: NEO academic scholarships & housing waivers NEO Development Foundation scholarships Activity scholarships… Read More

  • Tax Forms

    The Business Office is here to help you navigate the financial responsibilities associated with sending your child to college. 1098-T Education Tax Info Eligible educational institutions file Form 1098-T for each student they enroll and for whom a reportable transaction is made. Schools must make Form 1098-T available to any… Read More

  • YouTube Resources

    Create an Account on YouTube Click here to download this information as a pdf. Step 1 – Go to Step 2 – Click Sign In in the top right corner Step 3 – Click More Options Step 4 – Click on Create Account on the Sign In page. Upload Videos… Read More

  • Student Resources

    Learn from Anywhere In addition to staying on top of the latest information from the college, you will want to maintain communication methods with your instructors and stay current with your coursework, as well. There are a variety of different ways that your instructor can communicate with you and your… Read More

  • Eligibility & Admission

    The Honors Program at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College has two levels of admission into the program: full membership as an Honors Scholar and provisional membership. Acceptance into the program immediately provides students benefits of being a member of the honors program (see Honors Program Benefits). Provisional membership allows a pathway… Read More

  • Guide to Being an Online Student

    This Student Guide to Online Services will help you access student services from a distance. You may go through the guide step by step from start to finish, or use the quick links below to view needed information. Step 1: Applying for AdmissionStep 2: Setting up Online Access… Read More

  • Agriculture Events

    Calf Roping Information Goat Tying2 for $3014 and under Breakaway2 for $40Age as of day of ropingOpen Breakaway3 for $60Ladies, Boys 14-under, Men over 60C Roping2 for $60C ropers ONLY!!!!Open Roping3 for $100A rated ropers will get .3 seconds added to each run. Dates/Times Tuesday, February 12,2O19 – 7… Read More

  • Livestock Judging

    NEO is proud to have perhaps the most acclaimed, long-standing livestock judging program in the country. Our program has been built upon years of accomplishments and awards, which have maintained a high national profile, for both the team and college. Many master breeders and livestock industry leaders were once a… Read More

  • Parents

    At NEO, students are our top priority. We want them to have a college experience that is second-to-none in a safe and healthy environment so they can create their future. As a parent, you are placing a lot of trust in us to help your child be successful and we… Read More

  • ACT Information

    Resources ACT Score Report RequestNational ACT RegistrationFree Practice TestTest Prep Help from Miami Public Library On-campus ACT test dates It is an ACT policy that you must wait at least 60 days between test dates for the on-campus ACT—whether you completed the test at NEO or… Read More

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