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  • Guide to Being an Online Student

    This Student Guide to Online Services will help you access student services from a distance. You may go through the guide step by step from start to finish, or use the quick links below to view needed information. Step 1: Applying for AdmissionStep 2: Setting up Online Access… Read More

  • Smarthinking Tutorial

    Smarthinking Tutorial Overview Did you know there are four different types of tutoring available through Smarthinking? Check out this video to explore the various tutoring options available to you. Please note, not all institutions offer all tutoring types. How to use drop in tutoring Do you know how… Read More

  • Children’s Nutrition

    For articles on children’s health and well-being and ideas for nutritious snacks, click here: For ideas on how to get your children involved in the kitchen and how to prepare healthy meals, click here: To view a children’s daily nutrition… Read More

  • Digital Storytelling & Multimedia Project Resources

    WeVideo account creation To create a personal WeVideo account that will be connected to NEO’s administrative account, click on this link to sign up. If you already have a personal account, enter 69CGL64KQTBQ on your account page to link to NEO’s account. NEO’s account provides free storage for… Read More

  • Resources

    The Upward Bound program provides multiple resources to help students. ACT Prep/Tutoring Websites ACT Prep http://www.number2.com (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) Tutoring… Read More

  • Accreditation & Program Approval

    Higher Learning Commission Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission; 230 S. LaSalle St. Suite 7-500; Chicago, IL 60604-1411; 800-621-7740 or 312-263-0456; ( Specialized Program Accreditations Medical Laboratory Technician Program The Medical Laboratory Technician Program at NEO… Read More

  • Apply for Scholarships

    NEO offers more than 100 scholarships to help students pay for college! In addition to federal student aid and Native-American benefits, you may be eligible for the following types of scholarships: NEO academic scholarships & housing waivers NEO Development Foundation scholarships Activity scholarships… Read More

  • Virtual Wellness Resources

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is critical to emphasize that maintaining six-feet social distancing remains important to slowing the spread of the virus, especially when out in public, even for a walk around the block. The CDC also is advising the use of simple… Read More

  • YouTube Resources

    Create an Account on YouTube Click here to download this information as a pdf. Step 1 – Go to Step 2 – Click Sign In in the top right corner Step 3 – Click More Options Step 4 – Click on Create Account on the Sign In page. Upload Videos… Read More

  • Employment Resources

    The Miami Workforce Center serves individuals seeking employment and provides unemployment resources for qualified individuals. The Miami Workforce Center is located at 121 North Main Street in Miami. The center can be reached by phone at 918-542-5561 or visit their website at: PENMAC Staffing 103… Read More

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