Estimated Cost Sheet for Technical Program 2021-2022**
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Tuition & Fees (43 credit hours)* $7041.25
Books & Supplies $722 for 3 semesters (approximate)
Physical Exam $45 (approximate)
Liability Insurance $13.50
Immunizations $150 (approximate)
Criminal Background, Drug Screen, & Immunization tracking $110 (approximate)
CPR Certification $35 (approximate)
Name Badge for clinicals $10
Program Exit Exam $35
NEO PTA Program Polo $30
Total $8191.75

Transportation to & from clinical rotations and any other costs required to complete them are the responsibility of the student.  These costs are not included in this estimate.

There are costs incurred with licensure.  There is a state licensure fee, criminal background check and/or drug screen, licensure exam fee, and exam site fee.  The state license fee and criminal background and/or drug screen varies by state.  The licensure exam fee and site fee are set by the company who administers the exam.  Those costs are the same regardless of the state.

Board Exam Review Course $250 (fundraising options available for this one)
Physical Therapist Assistant Board Exam $485
Prometric Site fee for exam $82.60
State of Oklahoma License Fee $135

*This is the in-state tuition rate per credit hour for the 2020-2021 school year as determined on September 21, 2020.  At this time, all United States students accepted to the PTA program qualify for in-state tuition.  Application must be made with the Financial Aid Office to receive the out-of-state waiver.

**These are estimated costs based on available information.  They are subject to change without prior notice to the student.

This list does not include the cost for pre-requisite courses but for the technical program courses only.