Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College provides state-of-the-art facilities for its health science and physical education programs. All facilities have been remodeled or built since 2007.

Medical Laboratory Technician

The medical laboratory technician program is housed in the new Science Laboratory Building. Microscopes with cameras allow students and faculty to simultaneously view slides under microscope, enhancing the learning experience. Students get hands-on experience with laboratory instruments commonly used in medical laboratories.


The Nursing Science Building has two classrooms equipped with smart technology and two skills laboratories designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a laboratory setting. Two high-fidelity mannequins provide students with simulated real-life experiences in adult health and mother/infant care. The Nursing Science Building also has a student lounge area.

Physical Education

Students in the Physical Education program have access to a six-lane, 75 foot swimming pool for water classes, a weight room for fitness classes, a gymnasium, and a fitness center.

Physical Therapist Assistant

The physical therapist assistant program includes a classroom and a laboratory combined in one facility, which allows the instructor to intersperse hands-on activities with classroom instruction. The laboratory is furnished with equipment commonly used in a physical therapy department. This facility was recently remodeled to fit the needs of PTA learning activities.