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Advisor Assignment: General Studies/Liberal Arts

Communication and Fine Arts Department

Faculty Advisor (Advisement) Phone Office ID # Programs
Jessica Stout 6245 FA203 Art
Steve McCurley 6196 FA217 100-28-403 Theatre, GenStudies
Adam Compton 6280 CO113 100-71-760 Instrumental Music
Mary Susan Whaley 6987 CM103 100-02-113 Vocal Music
Dr. Seonae Ha-Birdsong 6342 SH111 100-24-758 English, General Studies
Jamie Weaver 6345 SH305 100-43-985 English, General Studies
Carla Murphy 6969 SH112 Elementary Education
Moses Martinous 6345 SH303 English, General Studies
Andrew Olson 6355 SH307 English, General Studies

Social Science Department

Faculty Advisor (Advisement) Phone Office ID # Programs
Dr. Jeff Birdsong, Chair 6348 SH317 100-67-919 Political Science, Sec Ed
TeNona Kuhn 6363 SH207 100-38-518 Native American Studies
Dr. David Loving 6346 SH303 100-61-174 History, General Studies
Tom Callan 6383 SH314 Political Science
LaShawna Powers 6347 SH307 History, General Studies
Beth Blalock 6304 FA220 100-67-793 Sociology, Social Work
Cheryl Butler 236 SH315 100-27-885 Psychology, Gen Studies
Dr. Lesli Deichman GHEC 100-01-895 Psychology & Grove
Troy Fugate 6208 SH323 110-92-843 Criminal Justice
Ashlee Jackson,Scholars Coordinator 6256 DH202 113-94-616 Early Childhood,Early Childhood Scholars
TeNona Kuhn 6363 SH207 100-38-518 Native American Studies
Lori Kurtz 6229 SH304 Counseling Services

Message from the Dean regarding General Studies:

“With Gen Studies majors, I normally try to keep those advisor loads as balanced as possible. I typically use English instructors for this purpose or other instructors who don’t already have huge advisee loads. I also like to use one of the student’s instructors as an advisor whenever possible rather than throwing another new face at the new student.”