The following 4-semester course of study is a recommendation for program requirements; the General Education requirements may be taken in a sequence best suited to the student and his/her specific needs. Of course, any deficiencies must be rectified before the student may proceed to the Gen Ed requirement.

** Suggested Humanities courses include MUSC 2573 (Intro to Music Appreciation), TH 2413 (Intro to Theatre), or at least one literature class. Suggested Humanities do NOT include ART 1803 (Intro to Art)
*** Required Elective is to be selected from Psychology, Foreign Language, Fine Arts (Music or Theatre), or Social Sciences
**** Controlled Elective is to be chosen from Liberal Arts or Sciences

First Semester (fall)

  • FYE 1011 (and CLS 1021 if the student has 2+ deficiencies)
  • ART 1203, Design I
  • ART 1803, Introduction to Art

Second Semester (spring)

  • ART 1103, Drawing I
  • 3 hours of student’s choice of Art Classes

Third Semester (fall)

  • ART 2113, Life Drawing
  • ART 2163, Design II

Fourth Semester (spring)

  • 6 hours of Art, student’s choice

Assign Steve McCurley as advisor.