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There are some classes that Forestry & Wildlife students must take their first semester. These classes are only offered in the fall, so a student could get a year behind if s/he does not take these the first semester:

  • FOR 2013 (MW 12:30 – 1:45), Resource/Wildland Fire Certification
  • NREM 1114 (MWF 11 – 11:50), Elements of Forestry + the lab
  • NREM 2134 (TR 11 – 11:50), Dendrology + the lab
  • NREM 1001, Nat Resource Field App

If a student needs two or more 0-level classes, make sure s/he takes at least two of them (definitely reading, if needed). If one of the above classes needs to be omitted to keep the student from going over 19 hours, leave off NREM 1114. Forestry students need to get Dendrology (NREM 2134) the first semester.

Forestry students should take AG 2112 for their computer proficiency requirement.

Put them in: AG 2112 A4A M 2 – 2:50 + AG 2112 (lab) A40 M

Advisor: Mike Neal