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Top 10 Interview Tips from an Etiquette Professional

  1. No Do-Overs in First Impressions

    “Don’t blow this opportunity to cement the image you want to leave in the minds of each and every member of an interview team.”

  2. Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

    “Always dress up and dress conservatively for a job interview.”

  3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Smile

    “A smile shows not only confidence, but a pleasant nature. It invites others to get to know you.”

  4. Body Language Speaks Volumes

    “Employers interpret your attitude and interest in the job vacancy and in their company through your body language, just as they do from your smile and your words.”

  5. Mastering the Art of Meet and Greet

    “Maintain an open posture when shaking hands, smile, make eye contact, and say your first and last name.”

  6. What’s in a name?

    “Use names when you meet interviewers and when you say goodbye…when you are contacted by the interview scheduler, ask for the names and titles of the individuals who will be interviewing you, and write them down in the notebook or portfolio that you will carry to the interview.”

  7. Table Talk

    “After you shake hands with all of your interviewers, stand behind a chair until you are invited to sit down, or politely ask where the interviewer would like you to sit.”

  8. For Whom the Bell Tones

    “If, for some unfathomable reason, your cell phone rings during an interview, some serious damage control will be required.”

  9. Exit Strategy

    “When the interview is over, reiterate your interest in the position (if sincere), and thank the group for spending time with you. You may ask about the time frame for filling the job and notifying candidates.”

  10. Post-Game Play

    “Write and mail (snail mail) a thank you note to each person on the interview panel within 24-48 hours of the interview.

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