Alumni of Student Support Services

“SSS helped me stay on task and manage things that weren’t the easiest during school.”
Christian Knighton

 “SSS has helped me in a lot of aspects including individualized tutoring on many subjects, assisted me in completing financial aid applications and many other things such as motivation during tough times, trips, advice, etc. I could not have done it without all their help, support, and encouragement!!!”
Veronica Fonseca Penaloza

 “SSS ladies are always the bright spot in my day. They have all the resources, encouragement, and love anyone could ever need!”
Rachel Miller

“You guys always remind me to believe in myself even on the days I feel like crying and giving up.”
Shelby Gandy

“SSS has helped me gain confidence in my ability to tackle going back to school and being a non-traditional student by being there with advice, tutors, and all-around great people!”
Missy Perry

“SSS has helped me grow as a college student and a person. The staff and volunteers are amazing and always willing to help. I can’t imagine my time at NEO without everyone at SSS!”
Angela Curry

“I honestly don’t think I would have been able to get through all the stress and struggles I have had without SSS. I have grown so much since starting school and if it wasn’t for the kindhearted staff and tutors, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Samantha Kons

 “SSS has helped me by being kind enough to help me with my classes. SSS has handpicked tutors specifically to match what I needed for my studies. SSS has lunches that are free, fun, and informative. The lunches touch on different subjects every time and are very interactive. I love the people who are there. They’re always supportive, kind, and extremely caring. When you walk into the room, you know they want to help you, and they make sure you feel welcome.”
Elizabeth Howard

“Student Support Services has provided me with valuable resources to help me succeed in my academic career as well as socially with their many fun opportunities to meet new people and learn new things!”
– Tashauna Miles

“Student Support Services has helped me in a way to keep me on track with my grades and school work. SSS has some of the greatest staff. They are always more than happy to help you with anything that you need. When we switched to online because of quarantine, someone called me every week to make sure I was doing well and keeping up with my class. They also noticed that I hadn’t enrolled for fall yet and got me in contact with someone who could help me enroll. They were always there to be my support system overall. I am very thankful to be a part of this program.”
Keely McNair

“SSS means Super Support System that helps any and all students. It helped me feel welcome and gave me support and helped me whenever I needed it.”
– Cassandra Wethey

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