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Process to Enroll in Person

Once a student has applied for admissions, has received their acceptance information and enrollment is open, they will be eligible to begin the enrollment process. All students must complete the set-up process for their Goldkey access prior to enrollment. To set up Goldkey go to my.neo.edu and click Activate Your Goldkey Account and follow the process.
For in person enrollment, the student will begin at the Admissions Office by signing the required enrollment documents. Students will then proceed to the Success Center  for testing and to be matched with an advisor to select and enroll into classes.

Schedule changes can be completed online for all degree seeking students after consultation with their advisor. The advisor must clear the advisement hold (SPAAPIN) for a student to change their schedule online.

Process for Online Enrollment:

Students who wish to enroll online via distance must contact the admissions office through email at neoadmission@neo.edu to initiate the process. They must state their name, date of birth and they are wanting to enroll through email from a distance. After completing all paperwork through the admissions office, the student will work with the Success Center for appropriate placement testing and advising. Once the student has been advised concerning enrollment and the advisor has cleared the advisor hold, the student can complete the following steps for online enrollment.

  1. Login to the student portal at my.neo.edu using the Goldkey credentials.
  2. Click on “Self Service”
  3. Click on the “Student” tab
  4. Click on the “Registration” link
  5. Click on the “Add or Drop Classes” link
  6. Update the Term for enrollment by choosing from the pulldown menu, then click submit.
  7. Click on the “Registration” link, click “Drop and Add Classes”
  8. Enter the CRN of the course(s) in the boxes available. Click SUBMIT when finished. (Enrollment can be accomplished by entering one class at a time or entering all call numbers all at once.)
    CRNs are 5-digit numbers and can be found in the course schedule for the desired term of enrollment.
  9. To drop a class once enrolled, choose “Drop” from the drop-down menu. Click SUBMIT when finished.

If there are time conflicts, unmet pre-requisites, or other issues with classes, a message will be received indicating why enrollment did not occur. Please contact the Admissions Office or your Advisor for assistance.

Classes may only be added online until the end of the first week of classes.

Drops can be completed online until the end of the second week of classes (fall/spring semester). Payment is still required and no refunds can be issued after the Add/Drop period. For more information on Add/Drop Dates, click HERE.