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If any employee or student has reason to believe, either by direct knowledge or a report from another person, that a person is in danger of harming himself/herself, that employee or student is to report the situation immediately.

If an individual has threatened or has displayed a cluster of alarming warning signals, appears to have a plan, or is in imminent danger and requires intervention, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Do not leave the individual.
  2. Contact Counseling Services at extension 6236. It is recommended that a second person witness the call. Maintain documentation concerning all happenings.
  3. Crisis counseling techniques will be used as appropriate to try to defuse the situation.
  4. Do not allow the individual to go home unsupervised. A parent or adult must assume direct responsibility for the individual before allowing him/her to leave school.
  5. If it is determined that the parent’s/other adult’s response is damaging to the student or likely to cause a suicide attempt, the situation should be reported to Campus Police at extension 6300 (after hours at (918) 533-1243).