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Face Covering Guidelines


  1. All students, employees and visitors must wear a face covering (mask) upon entering any campus building and when near or are encountering others.
  2. Face coverings must be worn in accordance with the guidelines provided below, including full coverage of the nose and mouth.
  3. Persons are expected to provide their own masks, which meet the guidelines included in this statement. If someone does not have a face covering, temporary face masks will be available in each building. Persons who do not put on a face covering in accordance with this policy will be required to leave the building and may not return to any of the buildings on campus until the guideline requirements are met.  Continued non-compliance with the guidelines may lead to disciplinary action.
  4. Exceptions:
    • Employees working alone in their offices
    • Students in their residence hall room
    • While participating in activities in which a face mask cannot be worn, or would prohibit respiratory function (like eating, drinking, playing a musical instrument or singing, playing sports)
    • Individuals with a recognized disability and have an accommodation that prevents the wearing of a mask.


Face Covering Requirements:

  1. You may use a homemade or purchased cloth or disposable face covering.  A multi ply tightly woven cotton cloth or multi ply disposable face covering is recommended.  The face covering must not have an exhalation valve or introduce a hazard in the workplace (near any flammable liquids, for example). Information regarding face coverings, including how to make them, is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  2. Face coverings are also required outdoors if safe social distancing is not possible.
  3. Your face covering should meet the following criteria:
    1. fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face,
    2. completely covers the nose and mouth,
    3. is secured with ties or ear loops,
    4. includes multiple layers of fabric,
    5. allows for breathing without restriction, and
    6. can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape
  4. Face shields may be worn with approval.
  5. The face covering is primarily a protection for others near you to prevent you from unknowingly spreading the COVID-19 virus to others. Studies have shown that if everyone is wearing a mask and following other safety measures the spread of viruses is reduced.
  6. You should carry at least two face coverings with you daily to ensure that you have a replacement if one becomes unusable while you are on campus.
  7. Cloth face coverings should not be considered a replacement for social distancing. You should maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet even when wearing a face covering, if possible, to provide additional protection of the spread of COVID-19.