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Homecoming Mr. & Miss Norse Spirit Timeline

As a candidate you will be expected to attend most of the following events ( the Café duty at Noon shifts will be determined by sign-up sheets, please stop by Recruiting office in Copen Hall to sign up by Friday September 18th) and you are encouraged to take part in all Homecoming Activities:

Monday, September 21st – Kickoff

  • Assigned Candidates meet at Cafe at Noon to hand out candy and reminds students of Kickoff
  • Candidates need to come to Copen RM #106 by 3:00 to have their pictures taken in costume
  • Must be decked out in Blue & Gold or Superhero (i.e. blue wigs, face/ body paint-you can incorporate the super hero theme into the blue and gold outfit if you would like)
  • Will be introduced during the turning the fountain Blue ceremony at Kick Off and take part in activities (starts at 6:30 p.m.)

Tuesday, September 22nd – Catch the Villain & Cookie Wars

  • Assigned Candidates meet at Café at Noon to hand out Blue and Gold Beads

Wednesday, September 23rd – Capes, Volley, Webs & S’mores

  • Assigned Candidates meet at Café at Noon to hand out Masks

Thursday, September 24th – Wonder Pageant

  • Assigned Candidates meet at Café at Noon to hand out tickets for drawings
  • Homecoming King and Queen Pageant-Norse Spirit contestants will be introduced on Stage (starts at 7:00 p.m.)
  • Superman & Wonder Woman Contest-Norse Spirit

Friday-September 25th – Zap! Pow! Bang! Pep Rally

  • Assigned Candidates Meet at Café at Noon to promote Pep Rally
  • Pep Rally

Saturday, September 26th – Homecoming Festivities

  • Parade Line-up 3:30 pm on E. Central
  • Parade 4:00 pm
  • Tailgate 4:30 pm
  • Game at 6:00
  • Norse Spirit Contestants will be introduced between 1st and 2nd Qtr. and winner announced

If you are not able to commit to attending a majority of these events and meeting the responsibilities of the position, please do not submit your application. Mr & Miss Norse Spirit will each receive a $100.00 credit to their NEO ID Visa Account. They will also receive ceremonial Boat Oars as trophies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at scott.donaldson@neo.edu or 918-540-6291.

Scott Donaldson
Homecoming Mr. & Miss Norse Spirit Chair