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NEO’s Honors Program is dedicated to providing enriched learning opportunities that promote personal, professional, and intellectual growth to highly motivated and academically talented students.

In support of its mission statement, the Honors Program emphasizes active and collaborative classes taught by dedicated and innovative faculty that foster intellectual engagement, interdisciplinary perspective, service learning opportunities, and community responsibility. Classes concentrate on enhancing the core general education competencies of critical thinking, effective communication, information literacy, and quantitative literacy. Honors students will further benefit from peer-group interaction, experiential learning, scholarly and social activities and events, and independent research and inquiry.

NEO Honors Program graduates will demonstrate:

  1. Critical and creative thinking through inquiry and research
  2. Effective oral and written communication skills to persuade, critique, and inform
  3. An ability to locate, evaluate, and utilize evidence convincingly, including synthesis of primary and secondary sources, in an interdisciplinary manner
  4. An awareness of and connection between academic disciplines through various historical, cultural, and global perspectives
  5. Leadership and community/civic engagement

Why Honors?

In the classroom

The Honors Program at NEO is all about the student. In honors designated courses, students will experience learning opportunities different from those available in the traditional course offering. While each honors course is unique, a student can come to expect more freedom and responsibility in their course work that fosters deep learning and exploration of the subject matter. This can come in the form of skills or project based learning, experiential or service learning, multi- or interdisciplinary learning, and research or creative work. In short, honors courses provide enriched and active learning experiences that encourage students to cultivate and exhibit a deeper knowledge and understanding of course concepts, material, and learning objectives along with like-minded peers and driven, committed faculty.

Whether in an honors only course or traditional course where a student and faculty member contract honors work, students can expect to build their critical thinking, communication, information literacy and qualitative literacy skills. Research, writing, and presentation expertise are key to successful completion of honors work, but may be explored in a variety of ways dependent on instructor and student.

Learning Outside the Classroom Walls

The Honors Program isn’t just about offering a different experience within the classroom, but expanding learning and fostering growth of the student outside of the classroom as well. The Honors Program strives to promote personal and professional growth in addition to academic achievement. Leadership opportunities and civic and community experiences are necessary and vital to the program. Students will find themselves pushed and motivated by fellow members, staff, and faculty who want to see success beyond academics. See the “Benefits” page for more information on opportunities for members.

For more information on the NEO Honors Program, use the available navigational links. If you have questions about any facet of the Honors Program, please contact Keeley Adams, Director of the Honors Program via e-mail or phone at keeley.adams@neo.edu or 918-540-6971.