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The purpose of the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Archive is to collect documents, photographs, artwork, videos and other materials that tell the unique story of NEO, and to preserve those materials as part of the living history of our great Norse Tradition. For almost 100 years NEO has invested in the lives of students and the state of Oklahoma by providing the educational resources necessary to create lasting and positive opportunities for growth. The story of NEO’s commitment to students, including the outstanding contributions of faculty and staff members, and the support of local community members is both inspiring and instructive. For more information on the history of NEO or to learn about the college’s tradition of excellence in education, please visit the NEO Library. While materials in the NEO Archive collection are not available for general browsing, specific inquiries for information may be directed to the library staff. When possible digitized copies of archival materials may be accessed on this webpage. Please check back frequently for new and exciting additions to our digital collection.

NEO A&M College is pleased to announce the publication of the first volume of NEO’s history in conjunction with the 2013 Founders Day Celebration. Please feel free to browse our online edition, or download a copy of the file for your e-reader using the link and instructions below.


From Lead & Zinc to Blue & Gold: The Founding of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Volume I: 1919 – 1943 (pdf)

From Lead & Zinc to Blue & Gold: The Expansion of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Volume II: 1944-1969 (pdf)

From Lead & Zinc to Blue & Gold: The Progression of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Volume III: 1970-1994 (pdf)

From Lead & Zinc to Blue & Gold: The Renaissance of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Volume IV: 2008-2019 (pdf)

NEO Yearbooks

NEO began as the Miami School of Mines in 1919, but became Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College in 1924. The first annual was published in 1926 and entitled The JaySeer, a play on the initials J.C. for Junior College. Publication may have ceased from 1932 – 1946; no volumes for those years have been found. Publication resumed in 1947, by which time the name of the college had been changed to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and the name of the yearbook changed to The Viking in honor of the Golden Norsemen mascot. (Note: Yearbooks without a hyperlink indicates no yearbook was published or the volume is missing from the NEO Archive collection.)

1926 1933 1940 1947 1954 1961 1968 1975 1982 1989 1996
1927 1934 1941 1948 1955 1962 1969 1976 1983 1990 1997
1928 1935 1942 1949 1956 1963 1970 1977 1984 1991 1998
1929 1936 1943 1950 1957 1964 1971 1978 1985 1992 1999
1930 1937 1944 1951 1958 1965 1972 1979 1986 1993 2000
1931 1938 1945 1952 1959 1966 1973 1980 1987 1994 2001
1932 1939 1946 1953 1960 1967 1974 1981 1988 1995 2002

Norsewind Newspapers

The digital versions of the 1947-2007 NEO A&M College Newspaper, The Norsewind, was made possible thanks to the Oklahoma Historical Society. The reproductions were made from the best and most complete set of original issues available at the time of scanning. The paper and ink used in the original materials affect the quality of the edition. Due to a lack of contrast some pages may not have reproduced well.