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Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College’s (NEO), Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) inducted a large number of students for the fall semester — 44 new members were inducted into the prestigious international honor society. The ceremony took place this September. The keynote speaker for the evening was Mr. Mark Rasor, Vice President of Fiscal Affairs.
Rasor encouraged the students to work diligently on their academics and never quit learning. He talked about perseverance and never giving up. 
To gain admittance into PTK, which is an international honor society, students must complete at least 12 hours of courses and maintain a 3.5 grade point average. Through their membership in PTK, students will have access to scholarships and service opportunities.

Students who were inducted into PTK include:
Laura M. Ashlock
Hannah G. Baker
Hannah N. Baker
Kennedy A. Banta
Dallis D. Beckfield
Cheyenne H. Bennett
Justice L. Bratcher
Kyle Burbridge
Ashley M. Chalfant
Alexa R. Chapa
Rylee K. Chenoweth
Kelly M. Claggett
Morgan L. Cook
Jessica N. Cryan
Ashley R. Davis
Dylan B. Davis
Ana G. Diaz
Traci S. Dru
Sheryl J. Evans
Scotti B. Freeman
Emily D. Goeken
Phyllis M. Hallett
Natalie J. Highsmith
Norma Hopper
Phillip W. Hrncir II
Taylor E. Huff
Karen D. Johnston
Christy J. Jones
Kolton Kitterman
April L. Macklin
Amber E. Osborn
Mandy Phillips
Miguelangel Pineda-Soto
Ashlynd R. Pleus
Kandace Rogers
Demi M. Schlageter
Michael P. Sexton
Kirbee T. Spire
Shelby P. Spradling
Tapanga N. Trickett
Jackalyn S. Vardell
Madison E. Vaughan
April D. Wasson
Brittany D. Whitesell
The Mu chapter on the NEO campus is very involved. They are committed to serve the campus by providing student manpower to clean up after football games held at the NEO stadium. PTK sponsors the Food-4-Finals event, a tutoring session and breakfast held every semester during finals week to provide instructor/student interaction as students prepare for final exams.  Students are currently working on their college and honor’s project that involves finding ways to keep students motivated and prepared to complete their Associate’s Degree or certificate programs.


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