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Position Description and Criteria for Selection

The President of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College is responsible for setting the intellectual climate for the campus.  The President should be a visionary leader capable of developing a comprehensive strategic plan to lead NEO into the future.   Faculty, students, and community look to the President for leadership in fostering academic excellence and freedom of inquiry.  It is, therefore, the responsibility of the President to positively challenge faculty, students, and community to bring out their best and use their creativity to deal innovatively with changing educational needs.  The President is to be a leader in transforming the lives of students.

The President should possess verifiable executive understanding and competence in the areas of financial planning, budgeting, reporting, and control to provide sound and responsible resource management.  The President should also be able to assess the adequacy of communications of fiscal data throughout the various operating levels of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.  The President is selected by and reports directly to the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges and serves at its discretion.

NEO seeks a President who is

A person of extraordinary intellect, accomplishment, insight, and judgment who

  • has an earned doctorate/terminal degree or significant recognition, prestige, and credibility for intellectual achievement in his/her profession;
  • demonstrates a strong commitment to academic excellence, understands and will nurture an academic environment that fosters creativity and scholarship;
  • will promote excellence in all programs and encourage the recruitment and retention of outstanding talent from the community, state, and nation; and
  • has experience and expertise in economic development and meeting community educational/job training needs.

A dynamic, articulate, and influential advocate who

  • communicates ideas in a clear and effective manner;
  • conveys persuasively a vision of teaching and service that inspires and motivates others;
  • has the social and political insight to build confidence and trust with higher education, elected officials, alumni, and the people and cultures of Oklahoma, the Nation, and the World;
  • can help NEO attract the public and private resources needed to carry out its mission with high effectiveness;
  • can work in partnership with the NEO Foundation and Alumni office to lead an effective comprehensive campaign; and
  • is committed to promoting NEO as an agent of change and to transforming the lives of students.

A proven leader who

  • has a record of success in a comprehensive academic institution or a similar organization;
  • is experienced and effective in planning, setting priorities, private fundraising and accomplishing goals;
  • is committed to the principles and practices of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity at all levels;
  • is a transparent and collaborative leader that has the ability to lead and manage through a process of delegation and team building;
  • supports processes essential to effective decision making in higher education;
  • understands the increasing role of technology in higher education; and
  • has demonstrated ability to align and execute academic and business activities consistent with the community, NEO, and the State of Oklahoma.

An effective communicator with superb interpersonal skills, exemplary integrity, and enthusiasm who

  • manifests sound ethical principles and practices and earns trust and respect with a record of promoting ethical behavior and social responsibility;
  • can work effectively with students, faculty, staff, regents, alumni, business and community leaders, citizens, and elected officials; and
  • possesses high energy, a positive attitude, emotional strength, and enthusiasm for service.

About NEO

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College is a residential, two-year associate degree granting institution located in Miami, Oklahoma (population 13,570). It is a state-supported institution with an enrollment of approximately 2,590 unduplicated head count (1,600 FTE). NEO offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science degrees and certificate programs designed to provide students with skills to enter the workforce in the field of study. NEO, in partnership with the City of Grove, provides a site for off-campus classes in Grove, Oklahoma, located 30 miles from the main campus.

Entering our 100th year as an academic institution, NEO is best described as having a small-college setting with a university experience.  NEO is nationally known for its tradition of athletic excellence, agricultural programs, Native American studies, and academic success. In 2017, NEO was reaccredited for ten years by The Higher Learning Commission.