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On Campus Services

AICE is dedicated to supporting Native students and proud to provide services necessary for collegiate success. Several of these services are listed below. Please also see the Off Campus Resources section of the AICE website for information about local resources not offered directly by the college.

Family– AICE prides itself on a body, mind, and spirit approach to our support system. Since family is a cornerstone of our culture, we want to include your family in as many activities as possible and provide a family like support system for you when you need it. Come by our center any time!

Computer Lab – AICE offers access to a Mac lab located on the first floor of Kah-Ne-You-Ah Hall.

Service Opportunities – Throughout the semester, AICE and the Native American Student Association (NASA) work with community organizations and local schools to provide you with service opportunities. Be sure to attend our weekly NASA meetings for up-to-date listings of service opportunities.

Financial Advising – AICE has developed partnerships with education staff at tribal offices in order to help guide you through the financial aid process. We also have access to dozens of other scholarship resources.

Wellness Services – The stress of balancing college and family can be overwhelming. AICE can put you in touch with wellness professionals who can help you manage a healthy life.

Academic Advising – AICE partners closely with NEO advisors who can help you explore various fields of interest, select a specific major, research career options, and develop an academic plan. We are also happy to assist you with your educational goals beyond NEO. We can provide guidance throughout the transfer process and help you select your next university and major.

Healthcare – NEO provides access to a Registered Nurse on campus. We can also assist with referrals to IHS.

Career Services – Career advising services are designed to help you focus and implement your goals. A variety of resources are available to you, including workshops, assessment tools, computerized resources, and individual appointments with career advisors.

Off-Campus Resources

We know that you will need to utilize off campus resources during your time at NEO. AICE serves as a referral center for students needing access to local resources not offered by the college.

Local Organizations

Alcoholism/Drug/Abuse/Teen/Gambling/Addiction Treatment Information
Office of National Drug Control Policy
American Academy of Pediatrics
Oklahoma Native American Tobacco Education Network
Native American Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program Consolidation Act
Pelivan: Tribal Transit System
Focus 2 Portal for Assessment
Native American Connections
Health Education Research
Northeastern Tribal Heath System

Tribal Employment Info

Tribe Link for Tribal Positions Link for Casino Positions HR Contact
Cherokee cherokee.org Hardrockcasinotulsa.com Netty Dethrage
Eastern Shawnee estoo-nsn.gov/jobs Bordertownbingo.com
Miami Nation miamination.com
Modoc Troy LittleAxe
Ottawa Highwindscasino.com
Peoria peoriatribe.com/job Buffalorun.com
Quapaw quapawtribe.com/jobs Kronosweb.downstreamcasino.com
Seneca Cayuga sctribe.com Grandlakecasino.com
Wyandotte wyandotte-corp.com Wyandottecasinos.com