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How will this credit transfer to my school of choice?

Generally speaking, the credit will transfer as basic elective hours. The receiving institution will determine how to apply the credit.

Will the 3-hour option count as American Government credit at my college of choice?

No. American Government courses cover the national government while Boys State focuses on Oklahoma State government.

Why should I pay for college credit now before I even start college?

In order to graduate college, you must have taken a minimum number of hours. Boys State offers up to three (3) hours of credit for considerably less cost than the traditional college setting. This type of initiative will help you stand out as a candidate for college admissions officers.

If I can’t afford college credit right now, can I get on a payment plan or scholarship?

Yes. Just contact the NEO A&M Business Office at 918-540-6223 or 918-540-6222 to work out a payment plan for the credit you want. If you are an eligible concurrent student, you can also receive a tuition waiver and only be required to pay the fees (a savings of $97.50 per credit hour). You must submit a high school transcript, ACT scores, consent form, and enrollment form. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details at 918-540-6210.

What is the criteria for the 2-hour Option?

You must attend all class and government practicum sessions, take all quizzes and the final exam. The course grade for the 2-hour course will be based on your scores on the quizzes and the final exam.

What is the difference between the 2-hour and 3-hour option?

In addition to the 2-hour criteria, you must also complete a paper to satisfy the requirements for the 3-hour option before you leave Boys State. Specific requirements for the paper will be discussed by the Boys State Director of Education during the week. The course grade for the 3-hour course will be based on your scores on the quizzes, the final exam, and the paper.

Is one extra hour of credit really worth writing a paper?

YES! While the 2-hour option is a great deal, the 3-hour option could fulfill a three hour course elective requirement. It essentially lets you take a semester-long course, in only one week.

What if I need to leave Boys State early?

Coming to Boys State late or leaving early automatically disqualifies you from receiving credit unless you speak with the Boys State Director of Education. The NEO Admissions Office must be notified if you leave Boys State early to cancel the college credit and tuition & fees. College credit cannot be received, cancelled and no refunds may be issued after May 31, 2019.

How do I qualify for the tuition waiver?

To qualify for the tuition waiver, you must be a qualified concurrent student, submit an enrollment form, high school transcripts, National ACT scores, and the consent form signed by the principal, counselor and parent.

How do I qualify as a concurrent student?

You must have an ACT Composite score of 19 or a 3.0 GPA AND an ACT Reading score of 19. All items must be submitted to qualify for waiver to the Admissions Office (ACT scores, transcripts, signed consent form and enrollment form).