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The International Student application deadline is August 1st for the Fall Semester and December 15th for the Spring Semester.

The following original signed documents (no faxes or emailed scans will be accepted) are required to process your application to become an NEO A&M College student.
An I-20 form can only be issued if you follow these instructions and fill out your application carefully.

Note: Be sure you complete all application dates in the [month/date/4 digit year] format; for example August 6, 1983 is written 08/06/1983.

  • Proof of applicant’s date of birth on their passport (preferred), a copy of their birth certificate, state issued ID, etc.
  • Application for a SEVIS I-20
  • NEO International Student Admission Application
  • Preliminary Financial Statement (must be signed by a bank official & include all awarded scholarships)
  • NEO Housing Contract (plus $90 USD deposit)
  • Statement of Understanding
  • Mailing Address Form (please print)
  • Official sealed transcript from your high school or U.S. college (date of graduation MUST appear)
  • Record of immunizations (vaccinations) you have received (MMR required; Hepatitis B strongly encouraged), translated into English (unofficial translations accepted)
  • Satisfactory scores on the TOEFL or TOEFLiBT

Transcripts and Previous College Credit

Students who have previously attended high school and college outside the United States will need to contact SpanTran Evaluation Services to have their transcripts translated and evaluated for academic transfer. Students must designate NEO (Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College) as the recipient of the finished evaluated transcripts so that the school registrar is notified of SpanTran account creation and status. Evaluated transcripts sent directly to students will NOT be accepted. The cost of the service is the responsibility of the student. Go to (SpanTran.com) for additional information.

Submitted High School transcripts MUST include a date of graduation. If your graduation date does not appear on your transcript you will need to get a letter from your high school on official letter head and signed by a school official that states your date of graduation in the Month/Date/Year (MM/DD/YYYY) format.

NOTE: An I-20 document will NOT be sent by NEO until transcripts have been submitted and a verifiable account created with SpanTran.