Remember, International Students studying in the U.S. on an F-1 Visa are required to enroll in and complete a full-time course load each semester. Any and all exceptions to this, whether for academic, medical or personal reasons, must be documented and approved by NEO International Programs prior to finalizing enrollment or dropping classes.

Associates in Arts Degree & Associate in Science Degree

Course work at NEO is accumulated by the number of credit hours you take per semester. For example, if you take five classes in one semester and each one offers three hours of credit, you will have accumulated a total of 15 credit hours at the end of the semester. A semester is comprised of 16 weeks; there are two semesters per year and four semesters in two years, which is the average amount of time it takes to graduate with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree. Upon graduation you may transfer to a four-year university and complete the remaining two years of a Bachelor’s degree.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

NEO also offers Associate in Applied Sciences degrees and certificates. These are commonly referred to as terminal degrees. When you complete the degree you are finished with your coursework. NEO offers Associate in Applied Science degrees in: Nursing, Computer Science, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Marketing Management and Farm and Ranch Management.

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