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How do you find your textbooks in Banner if you are Enrolled?

  1. Click “myNeo” at the top corner of this page
  2. Log in using your Gold Key Account
  3. Click on Self Service
  4. Click on the Student Tab
  5. Click on Registration
  6. Click on Active Registration
  7. This brings up your schedule, so select the class by clicking on it. Do not select a Lab or Clinical.

A new window will open and you have the option to click on Textbook Information

The next window shows the information about the textbook that is required for that class.

How do you find textbooks if you’re just thinking about Enrolling?

  1. Visit bookstore.neo.edu/college
  2. Select the Academic Term
  3. Select Department
  4. Select the Course
  5. Select the Section or Instructor
  6. You will then see the required materials for that class.
  7. If you will scroll over the title, it will show you the text and the ISBN.