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In order to provide helpful information for all Golden Norsemen, NEO Student Activities hosts NEO Student Updates each Thursday. During the school year, these sessions are conducted through a public Zoom conference call to allow student interaction. During summer, these sessions are pre-recorded with important information.

Zoom meetings are held Thursdays at 1:45pm.

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Date: May 28, 2020
Meeting ID: 723 1725 7683
Password: 4JjTYm

Session 013 | Agriculture Department with Dr. Mary Booth

Session 012 | Business and Technology Department with Joy Bauer

Session 011 | Fall Financial Aid with David Fisher

Session 010 | Nursing, Allied Health, and Physical Education Department with Debbie Morgan

Session 009 | Honors Program with Keeley Adams

Session 008 | Liberal Arts Department with Dr. Jeff Birdsong

Session 007 | NEO Bookstore with Kathryn Vanover

Session 006 | Online Success with Joy Bauer

Session 005 | Summer Courses

SPECIAL EDITION | 2020 Graduate Celebration

Session 004 | NEO Honors

Session 003 | Housing

Session 002 | Financial Aid

Session 001 | Basic Information